View from old China town - Johannesburg

The view from old china town in Johannesburg, South Africa on the night of Chinese New Year.


An old building somewhere in Braamfontein, South Africa.

Letting the Cables Sleep

Yet another cable, left hanging.

Orlando Power Station

The upper area of the big warehouse structure at the abandoned Orlando Power Station near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Window with a View

There are holes in the floor everywhere, not a safe place to walk around.


Falling through the Cracks

You wouldn't want to take a plunge down there.


Loose wires and cables everywhere.



Another shot of the equipment area.

Pillars of Strength

From what I could see, these big pillars are the only big pieces of metal that can not be torn out of the structure for scrap metal.


This is the main area of the power plant, not sure what it was used for, but there seems to be a set of tracks going all the way through. Perhaps for hauling coal into the furnace?

Orlando Power Station

There were people here once

This corridor looks like it was used for some sort of monitoring area, probably housing lots of machines.


This is a shot looking up at the coal containers (I think).